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5 fl. oz. Jar of Certified Organic, Unrefined (Virgin) Coconut Oil that is infused with 100mg of Hemp Extract.

Ingredients: Certified Organic, Unrefined (Virgin) Coconut Oil, infused with Hemp Oil Derived from Organically Grown Colorado Hemp.

We only use human-grade ingredients in all of our products.

Suggested Use:
Each teaspoon contains approximately 3-4mg.
             For Pets under 10 lbs. ¼-1/2 tsp (1-2mg)
             For Pets 10-30 lbs. ½-3/4 tsp (2-3mg)
             For Pets 30-60 lbs. ¾-1 tsp (3-4mg)
             For Pets over 60 lbs. 1-1 ½ tsp (4-6mg)
             30 Servings per container (30 teaspoons) Depending on Size of Pet.


Average cost per day for a 40 lb dog is $1.00.

Product Info:
We formulate this product with Coconut Oil that is: Certified Organic, Unrefined (Virgin), Certified Kosher and is top rated on the market for quality and taste. We only source the freshest batch of Coconut Oil and each batch must pass rigorous analytical and microbiological analysis.

We infuse the Coconut Oil with our proprietary Hemp Extract that is: Derived from Organically Grown, Colorado Hemp that we chose specifically for its terpene profile, as well as phytonutrient content. Our Hemp Extract is considered a "Full Spectrum" Extract.

Third party analysis is done on all ingredients and finished products to ensure purity, potency and safety. We follow CGMP guidelines for dietary supplement manufacturing.

Vegan. Gluten-free. GMO-Free. Pesticide-Free. Plant-derived and Human Grade Ingredients.

No fillers, no unnecessary additives, no synthetic ingredients, no flavoring, no animal-derived ingredients.

The only animal testing we do is by trying these products ourselves, and by allowing our pets and our friend’s pets to try samples of all products and then give us feedback. We also have Vets that give these samples to their furry clients to provide further feedback.


This product is packaged in a glass jar with metal lid, designed to prevent leakage and to protect the product inside. This product comes packaged in a box with an insert that includes additional info including guaranteed analysis, nutritional facts and other tips.

This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Consult your veterinarian if exceeding suggested use or of your pet shows signs of adverse reaction. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Can my Pet get "high" from taking HempMy Pet products?

No, HempMy Pet products are not psychoactive in any way, do not contain Marijuana nor are they Medicinal Marijuana products. Our products are made from Hemp, which has to have less than .3% THC by law, to be considered Hemp, and not Marijuana. Our “Hemp Extract” is derived from Hemp, which may have trace amounts of THC to begin with before extraction, but then after it is extracted and added into our products, it is even further diluted down by the carrier oils. THC does not show up on any of our third-party lab tests for all of our products. So, your Pet can’t get high off of these products, however, you may notice your pet feeling more calm and at ease, and older pets may be moving around more easily after use, this is most likely due to the other cannabinoids and terpenoids present in the products.

What is the suggested serving amount for my Pet?

 The suggested serving is on the label of each product. We have included a recommended serving size based on Pet weight. These are general guidelines only, we always recommend that you consult your vet if your Pet has a pre-existing condition and/or if you are planning on giving your Pet a higher amount than recommended on each product label. If your Pet is not responding as desired to the suggested serving amount, more can be administered as long as your pet is not showing any signs of adverse effects (i.e. lethargy, diarrhea, incoordination). Please refer to product label and product page for details on the specific product you are interested in.

 How do I give HempMy Pet products to my Pet?

 All of our products can be administered orally, whether you chose to add to your Pet’s food, treats, or simply allow them to lick it out of your hand. It’s really up to your Pet, as they all seem to have differing preferences. The only thing we advise against is allowing your pet to lick the product right out of the jar or directly off the dropper, as the introduction of saliva into the product could potentially lead to contamination and cause degradation of the product (just the same as any human products).

 What happens if my Pet consumes more than the suggested serving amount?

 This depends on the size/weight, species, metabolism of your Pet and their individual response to cannabis-based products. If more than the suggested use is consumed, there is a possibility that your Pet may be lethargic and / or in-coordinated for some time, until it metabolizes. There are no known long term effects. Please contact your veterinarian if you have concerns about your Pet having adverse reaction of any kind (i.e. lethargy, diarrhea, incoordination).

 Are HempMy Pet products safe for my Pet to consume?

 We only source the highest quality, human-grade ingredients, and never formulate with anything that we would not consume ourselves. We use Certified Organic ingredients, and our Hemp Extract is derived from Organically Grown Hemp that is never treated with pesticides or any other harmful products. All of our products are manufactured under CGMP guidelines for human dietary supplements (FDA) and to ensure quality, all batches are 3rd party tested for safety and purity. We have a vendor verification program which includes testing incoming ingredients before we even formulate with them, to ensure our suppliers are always providing a safe and top quality product with a Certificate of Analysis accompanying all ingredients. Furthermore, we have Certificate of Analysis verifying that our products are free of microbial growth and are safe for consumption. Hemp Seed Oil and Coconut Oil are the 2 main carrier oils in our products, they are not only safe for animals but recommended as part of a dietary supplementation. We recommend consulting your veterinarian with any questions regarding your Pet’s diet.

 Are HempMy Pet products safe for Human consumption?

 Yes. Even though we are a Pet company, and formulate and manufacture products for Pets, all these products are made with human grade ingredients, and made under CGMP guidelines for dietary supplements. We do not use any additives, animal products, toxic or synthetic ingredients, and we always source Certified Organic or Organically grown ingredients.

 Can my Pet take HempMy Pet products while on other medications?

 We recommend that you consult your veterinarian when looking to use HempMy Pet products in conjunction with other Pet medications. We are not veterinarians and cannot make any claims that would diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition your Pet may have. When in doubt, please be safe and ask your vet.Can HempMy Pet products be used as preventative maintenance for my Pet?

 Yes, that’s exactly how we recommend using these products, as a daily supplement. Just like humans, waiting until your Pet has an ailment makes it harder to recover, so start today!

 What are these products typically used for?

 These products are not intended to diagnose, treat cure or prevent any disease. Here are some of the ways our customers have been using our products as they have been so kind as to offer feedback regarding how they have been using HempMy Pet products: Anxiety relief, reduction in size of growths, reduction in occurrences of seizures, pain and inflammation relief, increase in energy and increase of mobility in older pets. Pet’s coats also appear to be shiny, and not as dry after taking the product consistently. These are just a few ways that HempMy Pet is positively effecting our customer’s Pets!

What is the best way to store HempMy Pet products when not in use?

Please store all ingestible products in a cool and dark place, as heat and light will cause degradation of the product. Refrigeration is recommended, but it depends on your personal preference.



As part of a gracious donation to our son from Hemp My Pet, we also received this to try and review. My husband and I used this daily in our coffee. It greatly reduced my husband's pain from a hernia and neck pain from a car accident. It helped me with the pain I have in my neck and back from a car accident. We were both able to accomplish more and felt better overall. It was absolutely wonderful to feel as pain-free as we did! Thank you, Hemp My Pet!



We bought this product along with the Hemp My Pet tincture not sure if our cat would like the tincture. Well, our cat loves the tincture so I sent this product to my sister for her 2 young English Bulldogs whom experience seizures a few times per day. They also were showing some anxiety that was becoming troublesome and high maintenance. Within one day, BOTH dogs responded and have not had a seizure since! The bulldogs also experience deeper sleep and less anxiety which is making them SO much more enjoyable to be around. The entire family is in amazement. Thank you!


My 18-year-old adopted cat Marco was crying a lot at night and becoming disoriented. I started giving him HempMy Pet and he seems a lot more chill and yowling a lot less. It's easy to mix the Hemp Infused Coconut Oil in his food once a day, and he loves the taste. It smells great, too!


I have been using Hemp My Pet tincture for a couple months now and once I saw their new coconut oil product come out I knew I had to give it a try. I have been giving my golden doodle coconut oil in his food but now it has Hemp Extract in it. When I opened the jar I could not believe how good it smelled and tasted and my dog just licks it off the spoon. Another quality product by Hemp MY Pet and I will order another bottle just for myself!

I am happy to report I am very pleased with the infusion. The quality is quite clear and the dogs go crazy for it! Organic is very important to us. Thank you for making this with love!